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Brodie spent the first 15 years of his fitness career working with some of NZ’s best athletes, achieving some amazing things with awesome bunches of people. With 10 years lecturing in sport and exercise for AUT University and NMIT, Brodie really knows his stuff and loves to bring his knowledge into the studio

Brodie Has since found a new passion in helping people improve their health and longevity. It's all about moving better, stronger, faster for longer.

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Master of Sport and Exercise

Brain Coach Performance Certification

Enrolled in Harvard Medical School Online (HMX) studying genetics relating to health and wellbeing


Won Nelson Coach of the Year award in 2016

What people can expect from your class

Backed by science but blended with the understanding that we are all unique and the same approach doesn’t work for everybody. Training philosophy: Intelligent training + consistency = results

What inspires you

Seeing people who commit and dedicate themselves to achieving great things

Interesting fact

I Featured in the Netflix series ‘Chasing Perfection’

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