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Workout coach

Frances is a true team player. There are not many sports she hasn’t tried and she loves team sports like rowing and netball. After studying Sport Management and Exercise Prescription, Frances has worked with Regional and National Sporting bodies since 2011. Until recently she worked for New Zealand Rugby for seven years, managing domestic competitions and getting up close to the sideline action. Coaching others in both netball and group fitness, Frances loves bringing people together and fostering a fun and inclusive environment.


What people can expect from your class

Firstly, praise for turning up! That can be the hardest part. I like motivating people to do the best that they can, then setting a challenge and seeing people realize they CAN go that little bit faster, or they CAN do just one more.

What inspires you

Everyone’s ability is different, and a quote that has stuck with me in tough times is “comparison is the thief of all joy”. You do you!

Interesting fact

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