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the revl workouts

Inspiring, energising and varied daily, our workouts focus on functional full body conditioning through interval style training. Lead by our inspiring Revl coaches they deliver results for every goal.

revl athletic
FULL BODY, 30-45 minute explosive cardio WORKOUTS
Get lean, fast and fit with our signature cardio workout. Expect rowing, biking and cardio intervals hitting your largest muscle groups with exciting variations of power, speed and endurance. Combinations aredesigned to blast caloriesand suit all fitness levels.
revl Strength
FULL BODY, 30-45 minute resistance WORKOUTS
Get stronger, lean and fit with full body dynamic resistance training. Expect a combination of equipment and body weight exercises, combined withshort bursts on rowers and bikes. This is your ultimate after-burnerworkout.
revl play
FULL BODY, 45 minute mixed cardio and strength workouts
Mixing up strength, cardio and fun challenges, Revl Play pushes you to the next level. Using a wide range of toys in the studio, you’ll be working out to repetition, time and distance challenges, finding yourself going further thanyou thought possible. This is game day, come play.
FULL BODY, 30 minute athletic stretch and mobility workout
Restore is our functional mobility, stretch and recovery workout. This is an active low intensity workout that'll have you feeling energised and keep your body performing at its best. Treat your body, you know you need it.
play of the day (POD)
FULL BODY, 35 minute, interval training workout you can start anyime
POD is Revl's small team conditioning workout that can be done any time with a maximum of 8 people - coached or uncoached. These are 35 minute cardio and strength interval workouts in our Technogym athletic area. Tone up, get fit and lose weight. No complications, no excuses:)

your week

Come any day, any time. We’ve structured the week to give you maximum variety and results whether you come every day, or once a week.

Fast, lean, fit
mon, wed, fri
cardio focus
strong, lean, fit
tue, thur, sun
strength focus
Lean, fit, strong, fast
cardio + strength
Restore, recover
Mon, wed, sat
stretch + mobility
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Corporate or personalised small group classes

Build your team culture, mix up your sports team conditioning, or bring energy and stress resilience to your business. We can tailor Revl workouts for your business or small group. Get in touch to find out more.

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