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The first time can be intimidating, we know! Don't worry, we have super friendly and supportive staff to help. If you're at all nervous, please reach out - we'd love to support you personally. Email us >

Revl timetabled workouts are designed to make it as simple as possible for anyone to have a great time and get results. All workouts are coached for various skills and fitness levels. No experience necessary!! 
book a class
Beginner or experienced, step 1 is to book a class and truly experience Revl at it’s best.
Come prepared
Wear flexible, breathable clothing, sneakers and a workout towel.
Get ready to have fun - come with a positive attitude (it helps).
Arrive early
Try to arrive at least 10 minutes before your first class.
Talk to someone at reception or the coach to let them know it’s your first time and if you have any injuries. They’ll guide you the rest of the way.
We’ve got your back
Don’t worry if the moves are new to you. The coaches will demo the moves and help you out if you need it. All moves can be varied to suit your level.
Have fun!
Make the most of it, soak up the atmosphere, sweat, high five if you feel like it. Just have fun, the results will come.
Stretch and hydrate
You’ll be giving it heaps so if you want your body to thank you for it, make sure you stretch and hydrate afterwards.
One is great, but change happens when you make it a habit. Revl is set up to make it as easy as possible to come back, have a great time and get incredible results.
Work out any (sane) time, day or night

Revl is open by secure member access 4am - 11pm every day

staffed hours

6am - 8am
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6am - 1pm


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All our timetabled workouts are coached

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