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Outside of the gym, I'm a primary school teacher. I love my job so much!

Prior to falling in love with the gym, I always loved sports and have tried/played almost every sport under the sun from squash to football to dance to tennis to gymnastics to netball. I was always changing between as I loved trying new things. My favs and the ones that stuck are netball and gymnastics, I love doing flips and being upside down in a handstand!

What people can expect from your class

A fun, safe and upbeat environment with hype tunes to match. Energyyyyy! Being a teacher to 5-7 year olds I have to be high energy all day everydayyyyy!

What inspires you

People that back themselves and take a risk! Those that give something new a go! I love when people follow their passions.

Interesting fact

On a volunteer trip to Africa, I had to clean out a crocodile enclosure with about 8 crocs inside with only a stick to keep the crocs away from me!

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