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I’ve always been passionate about Health and Wellness. At school my focus was on team sports and I loved the gains and friendships that came along with sharing a common goal!

Since becoming a mum of three, I found group training was the best and most enjoyable way to continue exercise alongside family life! Since then, I consider the gym my “happy place”! I want to help inspire others to feel the same way and as Revl's Studio manager I get to do this daily!

What people can expect from your class

Since finding a love for group training, I have recognised the importance of stretch and how conditioning our body plays a big part in being able to “leave it all on the court”, in those higher intensity classes. You can expect to be encouraged to give each class everything you’ve got, as I’ll be doing the same!!! A Beyoncé banger won’t ever be too far away!

What inspires you

My mum! Who so effortlessly shares her warmth, wisdom, love and time among everyone who needs it!

Interesting fact

CATS not dogs Pineapple on pizza? … yeeeees Savoury not sweet! Biggest fear is F L Y I N G !!!!

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