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Emily began her fitness journey as a hot yoga addict, but soon discovered weight training. She is a strong believer that when restorative movements and strength training are combined, it creates a flow that hits every part of your mind and body.

Emily’s coaching is based on the balance between three key elements: training, nutrition, and mindset. It’s pretty much how she likes to live her life; eat well, use the energy to train harder and in turn channel that motivation to the mind.

Emily is not just about getting you to feel strong, she wants you to feel great.

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Certified personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (studied in 2019)

Certificate in Nutrition and Coaching, Precision Nutrition Level 1

Mobility and recovery Instructor

Yin yoga instructor

Diploma in Health Psychology

What people can expect from your class

I will help push you to do more! But I am also well aware that “more” looks and feels different to each person.

What inspires you

When a group of people come together because they believe in something or want to create positive change in a positive space. It’s empowering.

Interesting fact

Selected off the street to be an extra in Avatar!

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