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Growing up I played competitive hockey from the age of 6-18 years old. I loved the atmosphere and working as a team towards a common goal. During that time I was also a competitive horse rider, competing in show jumping, show hunter and showing.

I have always been into fitness growing up and really found my passion for the gym and group fitness back in 2017. Once I signed up to Revl I was absolutely addicted. I am so stoked to be a part of this team and can't wait to grow and push myself even further.

What people can expect from your class

You can expect energy levels at 100! Imagine a rave cave at the gym, those are my classes. You can also expect kindness, awhi(support), warmth and constant smiles. I want you to feel a sense of achievement and feel proud every time you walk out of my class.

What inspires you

My mum, she always inspires me with her compassion and love. My sister who always pushes me to my limits and my buttons hehe. And anyone who steps out of their comfort zone to create change that scares them - nothing more inspiring than that.

Interesting fact

One interesting fact about me is that I am from Levin... and I pay homage to my home town with a Levin tattoo hehe!

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