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Workout coach

Kat is no stranger to movement. She's played at least one season of any team sport imaginable, was a gymnast for most of her childhood and recently worked her way up to the fighter class in Muay Thai. She's loved Group Fitness classes since she was 4 years old, using Styrofoam dumbbells up the back of the classes her mother taught. It's no surprise Kat's now coaching herself, sharing her passion and energy with others.


What people can expect from your class

You will always get a big smile and a lot of energy in any class I am coaching. I love to get amongst it, so expect to have me sweating next to you at some point in the session.

What inspires you

I get inspired by the team environment a group fitness class creates. We all have different stories and have different fitness levels but we are a team!

Interesting fact

I was the face of an ad campaign for a beer brand in Japan. I wasn’t old enough to drink at the time so I had to drink from a beer bottle that had been refilled with apple juice.

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