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Lynaire has been immersed in sports her entire life, whether she’s been competing, coaching, or cheering on others. Her passion lies in empowering individuals to reach their fullest potential. It's no wonder this dynamo went straight from school to university to become a PE and Health teacher. For over 20 years, Lynaire has been inspiring kids to fall in love with movement.

What people can expect from your class

With Lynaire, you'll find challenges and opportunities tailored to help you achieve your goals and be your best self, whatever that looks like for you.

What inspires you

Lynaire draws inspiration from her children, her husband, and women in sport. Her mantra? Dream big because anything is possible!

Interesting fact

I played football forWellington, clinching the national league title, and in 2024, I’m set to represent New Zealand in Triathlon at two different world championship events.

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