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I've been working for the Public Service ever since returning to NZ over 7 years ago including Justice, Defence and now in Health.

I'm a huge advocate for exercise for mental wellness as well as physical, one good workout can turn a bad day into a good one

What people can expect from your class

Lots of encouragement to take your workout to the next level, whether that’s adding some extra weight or increasing those reps! I want members to walk out feeling proud of what they have accomplished in my class.

What inspires you

When it comes to exercise I’m constantly motived by those around me and what they are putting into their workout regardless of what’s happening in their “real life”. Firm believer that mums are superheroes… 3 hours of sleep? No problem, time for a PB!

Interesting fact

I lived in Sydney in the Northern Beaches from 21 – 26.

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