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I'm a qualified teacher, working at church with kids and youth. It's what I love to do! I'm also a baker on the side!

I started my fitness journey in high school. I had a very up and down relationship with it but it has been one of the most important aspects of my life since I’ve learnt to love exercise. This passion ended up pushing me into coaching!

What people can expect from your class

You’ll learn how to fall in love with fitness. I will bring hype that will motivate and challenge you to push yourself a little more each time. Expect some old school 90s bangers to come through.

What inspires you

I love seeing people show up on the good and not so good days. It shows determination, commitment, consistency and strength.

Interesting fact

Lockdown 2020 is the reason why I started a cake business. Before Covid I could not scramble an egg.

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