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Tayla’s journey to becoming a coach started just like many of our members—by getting hooked on Revl's energy packed group training classes. After 2 years and a whopping 500 classes she took the leap and became a coach. Now she’s on a mission to share the magic of Revl; loads of positive energy, new friendships and all the laughs along the way.

What people can expect from your class

A lot of jokes and even more smiles. I’m all about creating an inclusive vibe where everyone feels safe to push their limits—together.

What inspires you

I thrive on the electric energy and motivation group training brings as well as the connections it allows us to build along the way.

Interesting fact

My body is a bit of an Etch a Sketch. Dare me with your ideas for the next tattoo or ask me about the stories behind them- there’s always a tale or two!

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