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I’m a qualified transformational coach and personal trainer, bringing you loads of energy, buckets of smiles and the challenge to strengthen your body and mind. 

I haven't always been fit and active, so I know what it’s like to make the transition. For me a big piece is understanding what’s going on mentally, and generating positive change inside and out. Making the first steps towards a healthier way of life can be really tough and I’ve got the understanding to support you through that shift.  

I’ve played with crossfit, powerlifting, running and yoga and believe in creating balanced programmes that incorporate all aspects of wellbeing that make sense for you personally, so you can get sustainable change rather than fast fixes that don’t stick.  

ICF accredited Diploma in Transformational CoachingLevel 4 Personal Training Certificate NZIS
ICF stands for international coaching federation- not sure if you want to include that.

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ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching
Level 4 Personal Training Certificate NZIS

What people can expect
Tonnes of encouragement, positive vibes and a non judgemental ear. Oh and I'm most likely going to recommend you start meditating! 

What inspires you
Seeing people embrace themselves and living authentically, getting outdoors and banging tunes!

Interesting fact
I’m an absolute travel junkie which probably started at age 6 when I lived in a house bus travelling the north island with my family! 

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