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Pei’s fitness journey began with running and yoga, which then exploded into five-plus years of competitive Muay Thai, some ‘dabbling’ in Crossfit and even a bit of gymnastics. When not training for her own health and fitness (“and sanity!”) she’s been inspiring others as a PTI in the NZ Army or fronting Les Mills’ Grit, CXWorx or BodyCombat class.

She believes training should be something anyone and everyone can do – it’s about knowing what’s achievable and how to keep pushing your personal boundaries. And if it happens with a good Latino beat playing, even better.

What people can expect from your class
Loads of energy and encouragement to get a little bit more than what you came for. And – fair warning – you’ll probably hear all about my pup.

What inspires you
People that work hard. No matter what the goal or even if they don't know what that is yet. A killer attitude, fire in your eyes and a commitment hard work will always bring you results.

Interesting fact
I speak Spanish! I lived in South America for five years and ran Bootcamps in Buenos Aires.

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