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Tone is the big energy, high-fiving, man of motivation in the Revl family. He’s been with Revl as a member since day one and as a natural motivator (and fitness fanatic) it didn’t take long to move into the coaching scene.

He’s been on his own health and fitness journey (coming back from 130kg!) so draws huge inspiration from the hurdles many overcome just to make it through the gym doors.

Expect his music, faith and family to come through in his coaching, providing loads of motivation, support and beats that make you want to get up and dance.

What people can expect from your class
Laughter, fun, ‘the extra push’, ending with a high-5 train.

What inspires you
Seeing people of all walks of life saying ‘Yes’ to their health and fitness journey.

Interesting fact
Opened up for Stan Walker during his NZ tour in 2011.

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